Pandora Winter Charms Past and Present

Pandora Winter Charms Past and Present

A very merry Christmas to everyone and I hope you’re all enjoying a fantastic holiday! It’s been busy here on the blog this month reviewing all the pandora charms and I’ve built a number of Christmas bracelets. Many companies have dedicated holiday collections and the challenge is always to create designs that can be worn past this period. I thought to compile all the different combinations I’ve made this month using the Christmas motifs for a fun recap.

Breaking news as a surprise Pandora promotion has been added for the US! Starting December 26-29, receive a free silver barrel clasp pandora uk with any purchase over $100. This offer will include any upgrades, which means that the $65 value can be applied to other bracelets but unfortunately, this does not include the Essence bracelet. Check with your local store for details, as all franchises are operated independently; this deal is only available at US retailers, not Canada, the Caribbean, or Puerto Rico.

Today we’re celebrating the first day of the new season and the winter solstice, otherwise known as the shortest day of the year. It’s surprising that winter is just now upon us with all the nasty blizzards hitting the country already, and I’m excited that the days will finally start to get longer here. The sun has been setting around 4 pm lately so it’s been quite depressing to go and leave work in the dark. To officially welcome winter on the blog, I’m taking a look at chilly pandora charms uk from this year and previous releases as well. Some of these I’ve featured before and others that I haven’t yet, including the Let it Snow, Winter’s Kiss pendant, Snowman, Polar Bear, Penguin couple, Snow Angel, Snowflake, Cool Breeze, Winter Wisp, Winter Wonderland clips, Ice Blue Faceted Beauty, Ice Skate, Carousel, and Holly.

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